Wednesday, January 26, 2011

6 Months Later

Okay here it is 6 months later and as all the mostly empty journals in a box at the house prove I am not good at writing it down.  I am very good at writing in my head.  I have made up some great stories, in my head and I have even told a few out loud for fun.  I think if I wrote them down some one might get a kick out of reading them but alas i have no discipline for writing.  This probably explains why I have no subscribers to my blog?

Oh well, here we are 6 months later and my life is going in scattered directions.  I enjoy working for the school system but if you think teachers are under paid you should see what we support staff folks are paid, shameless.  To make ends meet and allow me to have some form of a personal life I have taken a part time job at Sears in Oak Ridge selling appliances on commission.  I believe I will do well here and up my income considerably!  (Saying a prayer as I write.)  I would really be out of the woods but my roommate has decided to move, with a 13 day notice - am I wrong or is that rude?  Her excuse for moving is a bit shady but she can do what she wants.  I am already deciding what to do with her room and how to use the space in my basement once all her stuff is out.  I think I may have secretly wanted my house back for a while now.  She is a good person and I wish her lots of luck.

Currently, I have no love life.  I REALLY want to change this ASAP.  What is wrong with wanting a nice man to date?  Actually what has happened to good old fashion dating?  Most folks i talk to just wanna hang out or worse they just want sex.  No talking, no getting to know the other person, just SEX.  Where is the respect?   How do you build a lasting relationship if all you share is a bed for a few hours a week?  Somebody help me with this concept, please.

This leads me to another subject - Old hook ups reappearing.  Lately i have had a couple of, let's call them old friends, reappear.  One is a good buddy who just wants a repeat of a night long ago and the other claims to love me once or twice a year but nothing ever comes of it.  Why do they do this?  What is the point?  do they just want to make sure I am lonely and willing to put up with their urges?  Is this a game and I am missing the point?  Are there rules for this and if so where do I find a copy?  I am not good at the head games or manipulating men to get what I want.  I am a southern belle but some how I missed the be charming to get what you need from men gene.

Speaking of rules - I heard that the lady who wrote, "The Rules" got a divorce.  What the hell?  If they don't work for her what should the rest of us clueless ladies do?

Please post all advice I am up for listening to anything and trying most of it.

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